Laws & Ordinances

City Ordinances and Laws

Offenses for which Students are most frequently Cited And Typical Settlements:


Fine/ Jail Time/ License Suspended

1st Offense: $600-2,000/ 0-1 YEAR /90 DAYS

2nd Offense: $1,100-5,100 /5 DAYS-1 YEAR /1 YEAR

3rd Offense: $2,100-10,100 /60 DAYS-1 YEAR/ 3 YEARS

Additional Expenses for all DUI's:

Court Costs: $170.00

DUI School : $115-250

Driver's License reinstatement fee: $100+

For Your Information:
  • Effective August 9, 1996, administrative suspension of driver's license for 90 days if test over .08% or if breath test refused.

  • Effective May 28, 1995, blood alcohol level lowered for which it is unlawful to drive for minors (under 21) to .02%.

  • Jail time is given on a first offense DUI involving accidents and high blood alcohol levels.

  • A person does not have to be driving to be convicted of a DUI, but in physical control which includes sitting on the driver's side with the keys in the ignition.

  • For the offenses listed below, a 2nd offense will result in higher fines with the possibility of a suspended jail sentence and probation and/or jail time to serve.

Tuscaloosa Municipal Court  

Public Intoxication $320.00 $115.00-250.00
Alcohol Program
Open Beverage $220.00 (Includes Cups)
Minor in Possession of Alcohol $320.00 Mandatory 90-180 days Driver's License Suspension
(Effective 8/8/95 )
Improper ID $320.00  
Sale of Alcohol to Minors $670.00
Littering $270.00 (Includes cigarettes and bottles)
Trespassing at Lake $270.00  
More than three Unrelated Persons Living at Residence Mandatory Court Appearance  
Adult allowing minors to Consume or possess alcohol at open house party Mandatory Court Appearance  
Noise Ordinance Violation $270.00  
Parking $25.00-100.00
Not Cutting Grass $270.00
Dogs at Large $195.00
Domestic Violence III Mandatory Court Appearance (Includes members of same household or a dating couple)